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Threatened Metal ? Think DALIC !

Save Time and Money for maintenance and production thanks to a selective and localized metal deposit achieved with the electrochemical DALIC process. It's Technical, it's DALIC
No immersion, no disassembling,
No heating, no remachining,
It's Magic, it's DALIC.

Email : service@dalicworld.com


Welcome to DALICWORLD...

1937....Paris..... Charles DALLOZ, Mechanical Engineer, and Georges ICXI, Chemical Engineer, design the brush plating process. They adapt the parameters of electrolytic metal deposition achieved by immersion in order to obtain, without immersion, on site and immediately within tolerance, localized and selective plating of metals and alloys. The Brush Plating technology is patented. DALIC was born.

Turbine shafts, heavy-duty engine blocks, expensive mechanical components are rebuilt to their original dimensions. The DALIC Process grows in Power, Machinery, Printing, then Aerospace and Railways, which reach the DALICWORLD. License agreements are signed with selected foreign compagnies SIFCO and METADALIC.

1985..... DALIC engineers design the flow plating technology, in order to plate selectively the functional area of large series parts. The patented innovation enables the automation of electrochemical surface finishing and opens to it the production lines. DALICWORLD welcomes the Automotive Industry.

1995..... Following a request from a major Aerospace Company in Europe, The DALIC Engineers design a no-leak, no-drop, portable selective plating tool, the DALISTICK. It can be used in any position with a complete control over the flow of solutions. Always selective and combining the advantages of brush and flow plating, the DALISTICK is patented. It allows the electrochemical process to be used in the heart of modern planes. Aerospace for the year 2000 is welcomed to DALICWORLD !

1996..... DALIC is approved as supplier A by Qualifas, and certified ISO 9001 by Lloyds Lrqa.

2000.... Many understood the definite technical and economic advantages of the DALIC technologies. Some have been inspired by the brush plating applications.

But ask for the genuine
DALIC technologies.

Their inventor, the DALIC Company based in EUROPE near Paris, welcomes you to the DALICWORLD.

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Fretting-corrosion, crankshaft, swivel, dalistick, slat, wear, grinding, scrach, impact, galling, friction, conductivity, corrosion, hardness, aluminium. Metallic, refill, anodisation, nickel, chromium, zinc, silver, alloys. Conception, manufacture of electrolytes and materials for electrochemical selective plating. Localized metallic galvanic deposits and alloys on aluminium steel, as a preventive : hardness, grinding, corrosion, anti-corrosion, sliding, or curative : resizing, refilling scrach or impact. Konzeption und Herstellung von Electrolyten und Materialien fuer electrochemische, selektive Beschichtungen. Partielle, galvanische Metallbeschichtungen und Aluminiumlegierungen zum Zweck von : Haeten, schleifen, Korrosion, Anti-Korrosion, Gleiteigenschaften oder Wiederherstellung der gewuenschten Masse, Auffuellung von Riefen, Schutz vor Schlagbeanspruchung. Welle, Radsitze, Nockenwelle, Getriebe, Anodisierung, Erneuerung, überholen, füllen, vershchlieben, retuschieren, ersetzen, metallspritzen, Kosteneinsparung, Kostenreduzierungen, verzinnen, schmieren, Oberflächen, Behandlung, Hartschicht, Überzug, verchromen, vernickeln, versilbern, vergolden, kadmieren, verzinken, Kratzer, Schlagstellen, Beschädigungen, Abnutzung, fressen, chemisch, Chemie, Fehlbearbeitung, Auftragen, Mabarbeit, Leitfähigkeit, Widerstand, Rettung, retten, Eigenschaften, ändern, elektrochemisch, lokal, beschichten, Beschichtung, ausgewählt, partiell, Teilbeschichtung, Demontage,Reduzierung, Untermass, Passung, Wälzlager, Kugellager, Gleitlager,Adhäsion, Aluminium, Ausschub, Porositäten.