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DALIC and Power ? Save time and money !
For maintenance or upon new parts, the selectivity of DALIC selective electroplating is definite advantage for operations in the Power sector, either hydralic, thermal or nuclear energy. Corrosion, wear and radioactivity are creating very severe and demanding conditions. DALIC electroplating can be in-situ with a portable equipment that will be operated by our teams of experienced technicians. So your costs of downtime will be reduced to their minimum !

What applications with DALIC ?
There is a wide range of components which can benefit from DALIC : electrical motors, diesel engines or gas turbines, shafts, journals, connecting rods, camshafts, crankshafts, bearings, bores, pumps, swivels, seals, hydraulic jacks, … The technical requirements can be numerous :
  • Corrosion protection on steel with : Nickel, Zinc-Nickel, Tin-Indium, Cadmium, etc…
  • Anti-Fretting with : Highly ductile Nickel Dalinickle Plus
  • Repair of scratches or corrosion pittings with : Silver, Copper, Nickel
  • Resizing after wear with : Nickel
  • Electrical Conductivity with : Tin, Silver
  • Anti-friction or babbitt : Lead or ternary alloys like Nickel-Lead Tin
  • Etching of surface to decontaminate hot spots

They rely upon DALIC
The greatest names in the Merchant and Military Navy and Offshore Oil have approved DALIC technology and among them : EDF, COGEMA, SOCATRI, ALSTOM, ABB, Framatome, Thermodyn, Wartsila, SEMT, Caterpillar, Dresser, Leroy-Somer, Total, Elf, Shell, Statoil, Graytool, Framo,...

Your Quality Insurance by DALIC
Quality insurance of DALIC is certified ISO 9001 by Lloyds Lrqa : agreement n° 943.379
The DALIC technology is approved by Bureau Veritas in March 2000 : certificate 09758/AO BV.
DALIC technicians are approved for on-site applications by French Nuclear Power Authorities.

Remember, its a cold deposition !
DALIC is a cold deposition process with no alteration of base materials properties.

Silver deposit on electric contact Deposit of Ni in a bore of ring gear

Silver on disk journals of turbine shaft Silver on journal of butterfly valve

Deposit of Ni-Co on journals of electric rotor Deposit of Ni on a boiler column

Sn-In against fretting on disk journals of turbine Deposit of Ni on valve seal bearing surface

Sn-In against fretting and corrosion for a turbine

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Fretting-corrosion, crankshaft, swivel, dalistick, slat, wear, grinding, scrach, impact, galling, friction, conductivity, corrosion, hardness, aluminium. Metallic, refill, anodisation, nickel, chromium, zinc, silver, alloys. Conception, manufacture of electrolytes and materials for electrochemical selective plating. Localized metallic galvanic deposits and alloys on aluminium steel, as a preventive : hardness, grinding, corrosion, anti-corrosion, sliding, or curative : resizing, refilling scrach or impact. Konzeption und Herstellung von Electrolyten und Materialien fuer electrochemische, selektive Beschichtungen. Partielle, galvanische Metallbeschichtungen und Aluminiumlegierungen zum Zweck von : Haeten, schleifen, Korrosion, Anti-Korrosion, Gleiteigenschaften oder Wiederherstellung der gewuenschten Masse, Auffuellung von Riefen, Schutz vor Schlagbeanspruchung. Welle, Radsitze, Nockenwelle, Getriebe, Anodisierung, Erneuerung, überholen, füllen, vershchlieben, retuschieren, ersetzen, metallspritzen, Kosteneinsparung, Kostenreduzierungen, verzinnen, schmieren, Oberflächen, Behandlung, Hartschicht, Überzug, verchromen, vernickeln, versilbern, vergolden, kadmieren, verzinken, Kratzer, Schlagstellen, Beschädigungen, Abnutzung, fressen, chemisch, Chemie, Fehlbearbeitung, Auftragen, Mabarbeit, Leitfähigkeit, Widerstand, Rettung, retten, Eigenschaften, ändern, elektrochemisch, lokal, beschichten, Beschichtung, ausgewählt, partiell, Teilbeschichtung, Demontage,Reduzierung, Untermass, Passung, Wälzlager, Kugellager, Gleitlager,Adhäsion, Aluminium, Ausschub, Porositäten.